Monday, August 2, 2010

Cycling Group @ our homestay

Salam all,

On 25th July 2010, Consumer Association of Penang (CAP) 11th Cycling Campaign has been held in Balik Pulau. In conjunction with the event, we have a group of guests who stay @ our homestay AND join the Cycling Campaign.

We're happy that our guests are very pleased with their stay and hoping to see each other again in near future. =)

.: Haji Mahfuz's group from Ipoh:.

Monday, July 19, 2010

A Note From Our Guest

Salam all,

recently we received a small note from one of our dearest took us 2 days to notice this note but anyway, MANY THANKS to our guest for the good review =)

we're hoping to see you again in near future...

Thursday, July 1, 2010


well as some of you who didn't know, durian season falls around May till July...within this period, if you're staying at Astana Inn Homestay, and you're craving for durian delicacies, well...guess what?? we can help you with that!!

we'll bring you to the durian orchard nearby where you can find and eat many types of durian...original type? special breed? you name it! we can bring you there and don't worry too much about the $$ because the price is! just let us know WHEN you're planning to visit the orchard for durian feast, HOW MANY headcounts and WHAT other types of fruits (i.e mangosteen, rambutan) you want as side dishes...we can arrange them for you!!

if you're NOT an "orchard material" which mosquito is your biggest concern, we can bring the durians home for you!

in additional!! these durians are not complete WITHOUT the "pulut" (glutinous rice)...and our special recommendation is milky glutionous rice (pulut susu) thing i can assure you, this milky one is faaar more delicious than the ordinary ones...well it depends on personal oppinion if you need glutinous rice to go along with the durian...WE CAN arrange that too! how is that sound?

check out your calendar now and give us a call!!

Friday, June 4, 2010

Familiar face @ our homestay

Salam & good day to all,

recently we have a very very special guest visiting our's Aqasha...=D
we're very pleased and delightful to have him even for a very short while...

Please visit us again anytime...we're happy to have you again @ our homestay...

-Aqasha with the landlord's grandson-

Sunday, April 18, 2010

Rules & Regulations

  1. Only related guests are allowed to stay here. Meaning, if guests are mixed men and women, all has to be related (married @ family members etc).
  2. Any damage to any of our facilities which will be check prior check out, certain amount will be charge as compensation.
  3. Do not make unnecessary noises during stay.
  4. Any involvement of illegall acitivities held in this homestay will be direct to the authorities without any tolerance.
We do expect our guest to comply to this rules and regulations. This is because, our homestay is in a village environment and located very close to the prayer house (masjid). We do not want to create any inconvenient feelings or bad impression to other villagers. In simple words, we expect guests to respect our village communities. :-)

Saturday, March 13, 2010

WiFi for Our Guest

Salam all,

We're always looking forward to upgrade our services for our dearest customer...and now we can provide you high speed WiFi during your stay. No extra charge required...just request the network key address from the landlord...happy surfing while staying... :-)

p/s: we take this step to provide satisfaction to our guests who needs to go online for working @ studying purpose...

Grilled has been installed!

Alhamdulillah...after long delayed on installing the grilled, it's finally done last week 8th's nothing but to make our guest feel safe and secure... :-)

Monday, February 22, 2010

The Signboard is UP!

Alhamdulillah...finally the sign board that we've ordered finally arrived & installed!! Anytime you're looking for us, just look out for the sign... :-)

Wednesday, February 17, 2010


Assalammualaikum & Hello all...

i'm glad to announce that we're now equipped with Microwave Oven for our guests use :-) we're happy to hear more feedback from our will helps us improve our Homestay :-)...for those who ever been in Astana Inn, would be kind enough to complete the poll as on your right hand panel? thanks a lot!!

Ohh by the way, reservations for this coming May is filling up fast! Be sure to make your reservation now! if you're coming anytime soon, please drop us a call first...our homestay is fully vacant lately and we hate to dissapoint our potential guest :-)


Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Local Specialties in Balik Pulau

Nutmeg & fruit pickles (jeruk in malay).

Besides the spices, Balik Pulau is also well known with nutmeg & prickles. Many types of preserved fruits can be buy from the market complex which located beside the    Rapid Penang Bus Station (just on you right hand side if you arrive using the third route). You might want to buy some as “ole-ole” before you went home.

Herb Garden. 

The garden which is located in Kampung Jalan Bharu contains over 100 species of plants with medicinal properties. These herbs extracted through a variety of methods have medicinal properties to improve blood circulation, digestion, cure muscular pains and other ailments.

Mature plants are processed in the garden itself to produce ingredient for traditional Malay herbal products which you may purchase at the garden. Try the herbal spa. (Open : 9 am – 6 pm. Call 019-4671792 )

Kuih Bahulu

It’s located in Kampung Jalan Bharu the same way as the Herb Garden. Along the Kampung Jalan  Bharu road, you may see the “BAHULU” sign just beside the road. Her, you can get yourself a fresh baked bahulu (which happens to be the most famous Bahulu in Balik Pulau due to its maintained quality). (Open : Mon-Sat, 8.30 am – 5 pm. Baking : 8.30 am – 1 pm. Call 04-8666739 for queries)

Pulau Betong Fish Market

Pulau Betong fish market is located 1km from the BTN Camp in Pasir Panjang. If you’re heading to the camp, you’ll see this fish market first on your right side. This fish market is slightly different and special compared to normal wet market (which opens in the morning). This market is open around 130 pm till around 4 pm which is the time where all the fishermen returned from the sea. The fish, squid, crabs and prawns are most fresh ones (even some of them still alive at the moment they were packed!). The freshness is offered with a very reasonable price!! If you feel like cooking while staying in Astana Inn, you may get some of the main ingredient here.

Durian Season

Durian is one of the main attractions to Balik Pulau. Some the might just traveled from as far as Selangor just to taste the delicious & variety of Balik Pulau durian during its season (mainly around May-July). Durian season is usually the same period as the mangosteen & rambutan season. You might need to balance the “heat” of durian by consuming mangosteen.

The paddy field view

 Above picture is actual photo taken from the paddy field in Kampung Titi Teras (where Astana Inn is located). You can bring along your sport shoes to take a jog in the morning @ evening while enjoying the view.

Resdung Treatment

 For those who had sinus or Malay said “resdung” and want to try a traditional treatment for it, you can pay a visit to this house which located in Kampung Jalan Bharu. Watch out for the sign board or you might miss the entry to the house. The treatment goes one person at a time with a charge of RM12 per treatment (if there’s no price change). If your ears feel itchy each time you consumed ‘belacan’ or seafood, you can ask the healer to extend the treatment in your ears. You might feel a little tickles or hearing a sound like something has been suck out from you ears and burned.

Famous Laksa Janggus

This famous Laksa is situated in Kampung Perlis nearby Pasir Panjang Beach. Open daily from 2pm until 7.30pm and closed on Wednesday. This restaurant is also called Laksa Timah.
You have to line-up at the counter, order and purchase because they do it in " Self-Service" way. This restaurant was featured and gets recognition in the famous TV show "Jalan-Jalan Cari Makan".

Introduction To Balik Pulau

Balik Pulau simply means 'the other side of the island'- literally that’s how it means. Balik Pulau is cannot be seen from the other side of the island unless you’ve traveled through the hillside road. It’s located just on the northwestern coast of the Penang Island; it’s the fruit bowl of Penang featuring fruit plantations and spice gardens.

Route to reach Balik Pulau

  •          One is by following the coastal road all the way round the island-take the Teluk Bahang road to Balik Pulau. By following this way, you can view the beautiful beaches of Batu Feringghi, forests, and farms of durian.

  •         The second way is via Teluk Kumbar. Following this route, you will pass through the industrial area of Bayan Lepas. But please note, the hillside road via Teluk Kumbar is still under construction and very minimal road lights available during the night. If you fell hasty about driving on the road you’ve unknown about, you might want to consider the other route. However, despite the turns in this route, there’s minimal volume of gear changing during driving.

  •  The third way to reach Balik Pulau is through Jalan Tun Sardon. This route has the widest road among all. You can view Balik Pulau beautiful scenario by following this way as it passes over a small hill. A very clear and beautiful sunset can be view on the way of this road or you may stop for a while at hilltop of the road for photo snapping.