Monday, July 19, 2010

A Note From Our Guest

Salam all,

recently we received a small note from one of our dearest took us 2 days to notice this note but anyway, MANY THANKS to our guest for the good review =)

we're hoping to see you again in near future...

Thursday, July 1, 2010


well as some of you who didn't know, durian season falls around May till July...within this period, if you're staying at Astana Inn Homestay, and you're craving for durian delicacies, well...guess what?? we can help you with that!!

we'll bring you to the durian orchard nearby where you can find and eat many types of durian...original type? special breed? you name it! we can bring you there and don't worry too much about the $$ because the price is! just let us know WHEN you're planning to visit the orchard for durian feast, HOW MANY headcounts and WHAT other types of fruits (i.e mangosteen, rambutan) you want as side dishes...we can arrange them for you!!

if you're NOT an "orchard material" which mosquito is your biggest concern, we can bring the durians home for you!

in additional!! these durians are not complete WITHOUT the "pulut" (glutinous rice)...and our special recommendation is milky glutionous rice (pulut susu) thing i can assure you, this milky one is faaar more delicious than the ordinary ones...well it depends on personal oppinion if you need glutinous rice to go along with the durian...WE CAN arrange that too! how is that sound?

check out your calendar now and give us a call!!